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Soulmates fight for their HEA

Gia & Christopher have a beautiful wedding, then things get nuts during the photography...a shot rings out, and happiness shatters. Things get dark in a hurry. Twisted jealousy and pent up rage separate the newlyweds, as Gia is kidnapped and taken to hell, an earthly hell of sad defeated souls, junkies, violence, and bitterness. All would be lost, but she has a guardian angel, in the form of her new husband, Chris...or at least his ephemeral glowing presence(his body in a coma at the hospital). He stays with her in the underground hell, guiding and protecting. Chris & Gia will have to walk through fire, lies, and secrets revealed to reach their HEA. Dark PNR at it's best. Read it in one go, could not put it down.

Cover of Evil's Deadly Divide

Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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