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Loved it!

I absolutely loved this story! I couldn’t put it down! Alicia is a surfer/sports model. She has been cursed by Cupid. From the time she was 6 she’s known that she has to find her soul mate by her 25th bday and feed him the berries that are left on her pillow every morning or she will live a life without love. In Alicia’s dreams she has her idea guy. He is perfect and they meet every night under the willow tree. Alicia’s agent tells her to meet at her office one day for an amazing opportunity to work with the photographer Theo. She thinks they can take each other to the next level. In walks Theo, drum roll please....... he is the spitting image of her dream guy with the one exception of being an arrogant ass. They clash but end up working together. The photos are beyond amazing. He’s hired to be her personal photographer for the surfing competition coming up. As they work together, they get closer and dream Theo starts to fade away. She’s afraid of the curse because of something that happened in her past. True love prevails ~ I love the ending! I highly recommend this story!

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Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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