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Fast becoming a favorite author!

I have authors that I forget just how much I like their writing until I read them again. This is one such author. Her books are written well, filled with great action, and have interesting characters. In this latest, poor Alexis must deal with the Sovereign Seven, Delano trying to take over her city, and deal with her evil sister. I quite enjoyed this book from start to finish. I love the characters in this book, and by the end, I even was rooting for Caleb who can be…well, Caleb. LOL! This was a great read from start to finish, and if you enjoyed the rest of the series, you will love this one. If you haven’t started it, and love urban fantasy, you need to start. Highly recommend!

Cover of Evil's Deadly Divide

Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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