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People have heard the expression that those in love have been shot by Cupid’s arrow. Alicia Garis, a competitive surfer and sports model, has a much better idea of what Cupid is capable of as she has been under his curse since the age of 6. If she doesn’t find her soul mate and feed him poisonous berries by the age of 25, she will live without the gift of love for the rest of her life. Having thought she had found her perfect match once, Alicia was responsible for the death of her fiancé…and she vowed to never put another person at risk. Despite her plans, life in general falls apart when she meets photographer Theo Castas. He is obnoxious, a player, arrogant…and quite possibly the man of her dreams.
This short work by Jenn Windrow hits all the marks I expect a paranormal romance to hit. The element of the supernatural is very present but doesn’t overwhelm the story. The characters have believable dialogue and the necessary tension between them. Other works are referenced but aren’t necessary to get a complete story out of the novel. But most importantly, this work is a fun and engaging read.

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Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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