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Pricked By Thorns - Autographed Paperback


Autographed paperback of Pricked By Thorns. Book three in the award winning Redeeming Cupid series.



She’s got a countdown clock on love and its tick-tock-ticking her off.

At the age of six, surfer/model Alicia Garis was cursed by Cupid. The rules. Before her twenty-fifth birthday, she must find her soul mate. Feed him poisonous berries. Hope to Hades he doesn’t die.

Except she tried that once and it ended in the death of a man she loved

Ravaged by guilt, she told the winged freak where to shove his heart-tipped arrows and promised herself she would never offer the berries to anyone ever again.

Until she meets Theo Castas. Playboy photographer and master at talking-a-girl-out-of-her-panties. A man who sends her rage-o-meter deep into the red zone. The real-life version of the dream man Alicia believes could break her curse.

But will Alicia break her promise — and risk Theo’s life — all to save her own heart?

Based on the Greek myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, this paranormal romance has plenty of sex, snark, and supernatural sizzle.