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Pierced By Venom - Autographed Paperback


Autographed paperback of Pierced By Venom. Book two in the award winning Redeeming Cupid Series.



She’ll willingly travel the highway to hell to bring back the man she loves.

Gia Adler had it all—a charmed life and her true love to share it with. But moments after she murmurs, “I do,” her ex-boyfriend delivers a lead wedding present into her new husband’s chest.

With her husband in a drug induced coma, Gia doesn’t think things could get any worse, but Cupid is always up for a challenge.

Out for revenge, Gia’s psychotic ex-boyfriend abducts her, transporting her to an underground world of destruction, drugs, and death. A world where her only ally is the ghost of her husband who guides her through the Underworld.

Gia must fight for her happily-ever-after – and her true love – by facing down her ex and the demons of her past.

Based off the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this dark paranormal romance has plenty of sex, snark, and supernatural sizzle.