Dear Future Author

Dear Future Author

We’ve all seen those “dear twelve-year-old-me” letters. The ones that people write to their younger selves reassuring them that whatever they went through in the past would turn out okay. Or imparting words of wisdom they wish they had gotten when they were younger to help them get through school or bullying or breakups.

            Those letters got me thinking about my life as an author. Now that I was published, what would I have told myself, the newbie author who agonized and cried and swore I would never get published? What words of wisdom could I share to let me know that it would all work out?

            So I wrote a letter to myself.

            That letter sparked something inside of me, a need to share with other new authors who have those same fears and worries. A way to show them that we’ve all traveled the very bumpy road of publishing. Had those same fears. Anxieties. Stresses. Disappointments.

            And what if there was a place where authors could share their letters to themselves? A place where up-and-coming authors, newly published, and even seasoned authors could share their stories, wisdom, and advice. A place where writers just starting out can find strength and encouragement. A place to help reassure a whole new batch of authors that in the end, this journey is worth the pain and bruises.

            Well, now there is…

            Welcome to Dear Future Author.

Jenn Windrow

Dear Future Author from Jenn Windrow

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