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New Year. New me. Maybe?

2020 was a rough year for everyone. We all had to adjust, learn to live through a world wide pandemic. So I know I wasn’t the only one who suffered. I wrote 2020 off. Sat on my couch, watched trashy TV with my hubby, played some video games, and just rolled with it. I didn’t […]

2017 Reviewer's Choice Nominee

Congratulations to book one in the Redeeming Cupid Series! Read it for only .99! One jaded woman. Two hot men. A challenge to prove Cupid doesn't always know best. After a lifetime of dating losers, Noel Chase thinks she’s found love with college professor Len Holder. But Cupid's aim sucks worse than his crap-tacular curse, […]

Snarky Snippet

Todays Snarky Snippet... Can anyone else relate?

Fun Lines Friday

I'm a fan of many genres, I'm not even sure there's one I would turn away from...on one condition. There's some humor in the story. There's a quote that I love from Joss Whedon. It kind of sums up what I love about writing, movies, and a good tv show. So, when I'm reading, I […]

Book Covers I LOVE

I'm a judger. Like a serious judger. When it comes to books, if the outside package doesn't do it for me, I'm less likely to pick it up and look inside. Yes...I judge a book by it's cover. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites with my readers. Let you […]

Cover of Evil's Deadly Divide

Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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