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Evil's Deadly Divide

Book four in The Alexis Black Novels.

Vampire Alexis Black is stuck between two worlds…and not wanted by either.

Alexis Black believed a dagger to her sisters’ heart would end her reign of terror, but Lysette left one last parting gift before she died. A death-bomb that splintered the city of Chicago in two. Humans on one side. Vampires on the other. Leaving Alexis stuck in the crossfire of a race war no one asked for. 

But when Delano Melazi, the self-pro-claimed leader of the vampire race declares her public-vampire-number one, she must face him fang-to-fang to protect the innocents she has sworn to save. With her team of trusty misfits by her side, Alexis has one last chance to defeat Delano or die trying.

Evil’s Deadly Divide is the fourth book in the award-winning Alexis Black Novels, an urban fantasy series that has everything great about the genre…attitude, action, and ass-kicking.

Cover of Evil's Deadly Divide

Book Four in the widely popular Alexis Black series is available now!

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