Wacky Word Wednesday

IMG_4714What Wednesday would be complete without learning a fun, new word to add to your vocabulary?

This weeks word comes from the category Grossly Self-Indulgent and is a general expression for gluttons, and is from the mid 16C-19C and then found life again in the 1930’s.


Let’s use it in a sentence.

That gully-gut ate all the Paczki!

That concludes this weeks edition of Wacky Word Wednesday. If you have any Wacky Words that you would like to share, please, please, please post them in the comments. I live for finding new and fun words to play with!!



The reviews are in…

pierced-by-venomAnd even though I was a bit worried about what readers would say about Pierced By Venom, it seems they are loving my attempt at dark and intense.

“A captivating story that shows survival, love, and of course a little paranormal! This is the second story of the Redeeming Cupid series and continues with Grayson’s sister, Gia. It was so hard to read about the pain she had to endure – her husband being shot by her ex-boyfriend, being abducted by said ex, and the knowledge she was going to be forced into drugs and prostitution. What was more inspiring was seeing that her love for Christopher (husband) could stand the trials and help her through the Hells she is traveling through in the story. Each main character became a little more complex and was able to grow through her travels. It shows the reader that the blame does not always fall on one person, but that the choices you make shape your future.

I enjoy paranormal love stories and this one definitely fits the bill! I can’t wait to see what Cupid is up to next.

-Amazon 5 Star review

“This book had a bit of darkness and an intensity I wasn’t expecting. Having gone through what she did and come out stronger was something to look up to. I loved her sarcasm even in the face of something evil and sinister. It even had me snorting out a few laughs. I highly recommend this one!”

-Amazon 5 star review

Makes this author’s heart happy!

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Happy Book Birthday to Pierced By Venom

piercedbyvenom_l-2Pierced By Venom officially came out to the world yesterday!  I have a Valentine’s Book Baby!

While I love the story of Gia and Chris, it is so different from Struck By Eros that I have worried that readers who loved the lightheartedness of Eros would find Pierced By Venom a bit too dark. Can you say author anxiety?

The vast difference between the two books comes from the myths they are based on. Struck By Eros is retelling of the myth of Apollo and Daphne, a tragic story, but one that could handle a retelling with humor and plenty of snark. Pierced By Venom is a modern day retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. There is nothing lighthearted or humorous about that myth. It’s tragic with a capital TRAGIC! In fact, taking Gia and Chris through hell and giving them a HEA at the end was a twist all of it’s own.

Two very different books that belong to the same world. I guess you can say I like to make my readers wonder if I am a dark writer or a funny writer.


The first review came in this morning, a review from someone who doesn’t actually know me and read Struck By Eros.They loved it!

5 Stars on Amazon – 

“A captivating story that shows survival, love, and of course a little paranormal!”

I can officially remove the knife from my wrist and get working on book 3, Pricked By Thorns!

You can get your copy of Pierced By Venom at –

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks Kobo | Muse It Up


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Reading reviews. The good. The Bad. And the stick a fork in me I’m done.


Before I became a published author, I was told by many author friends not to read my reviews, that it would make me crazy in the end. But I  must love to live in a world of insanity because I just can’t help myself.

I sit down at my computer every day and I look and see if a new one has been posted. Why? Because I’m a rebel? A masochist? Screwed in the head?

No. Well, maybe some of the above.

Actually, I read them because they seem to help me realize that I don’t suck, that I am reaching my intended audience, and that the point I wanted to get across in my stories is coming across.

Now, I understand that not everyone is going to like my book, some may even hate…it is as they say all subjective, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I think I owe anyone who has taken the time to read what I have written a moment to see how they felt about it. Maybe they loved it and want to read more. Maybe they hated with a fiery passion, either way, I as an author need to know what is hitting home with my readers and what isn’t.

So far I have been lucky and none of the semi-negative reviews have been wanting-to-slit-my-wrists-bad, most have been favorable in fact. Those are the ones that make me smile. Then there are the ones that make me think, “what could have done different to make this reader connect with this story?” The answer, nothing really, my writing isn’t for them, or the story didn’t resonate.

“No two persons ever reads the same book” – Edmund Wilson


The above quote is one of my favorites, and something that I remind myself everytime I dive into a new review.

So during this time of thanks, I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has taken a moment to read my story and leave me their thoughts and opinions. They are truly appreciated.

Virtual Book Fair Starts Today!

Virtual Book Fair –  https://www.facebook.com/events/927569970656592/

Title: Struck Byvirtual-book-fair-graphic Eros

Author: Jenn Windrow

Summary: One jaded woman. Two hot men. A challenge to prove Cupid doesn’t always know best.

After a lifetime of dating losers, Noel Chase thinks she’s found love with college professor Len Holder.
But Cupid’s aim sucks worse than his crap-tacular curse, sticking her with supposed soul mate, Grayson Adler. Grayson is gorgeous, Greek, and an exact replica of the man-whores of her past. No matter what the chubby cherub thinks, Noel is sure Grayson is Mr. Wrong with a capital “W.”

Forced to do Cupid’s bidding, Noel must spend her days with Grayson matchmaking the unlucky-in-loves, and trying to resist Grayson’s charm and do-me-now sex appeal. But when Cupid tries to match her fiancé, Len, with another woman, Noel must make an excruciating decision. Defy Cupid and hang on to Len? Or succumb to her fate and trust Grayson with her heart?

Buy the book today for only $2.99 https://www.amazon.com/Struck-Eros-Redeeming-Paranormal-Romance-ebook/dp/B01FOHLNXG/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

About the author: Jenn Windrow loves characters that have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims.

Giveaway: For a chance to win a free kindle copy of Struck By Eros, please like my page and comment about your favorite book! Giveaway will end Nov 20 and the winner will be chosen at random on Nov. 21. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook.

Scavenger Hunt #15

2nd Annual Fall Carnival Blog Hob!

Fall is back and so is our Carnival Blog Hop! So grab some Kettle Corn or funnel cake, and hop on board.

Let’s talk scary movies, since it is the season of spooky.

I used to love scary movies as a kid, then I got pregnant and had to start getting up in the middle of the night to pee. Well, let’s just say that some of those scary movies scared me enough that I had to wake my husband up to walk me to the bathroom because I was afraid that the creatures under my bed would grab me. I can no longer handle scary movies now. (insert sad face here)

But before that I had some all time favorites. Here’s my top 3.

  1. Thirteen Ghosts. It wasn’t what I would call slasher scary, but it was ghosts that I can’t see and can tell me scary.

2. The Blair Witch Project. I know, kind of cheesy, but they did such a god job marketing that thing that I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t real.

3. The Exorcist. A classic film that I think made everyone a little freaked out.

I won’t watch any of these anymore, but I sure do still have nightmares about them.

Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite scary movies and I’ll pick a random winner to receive a signed copy of Struck By Eros, in addition to being included in the wonderful prize listed below.


We are offering one grand prize, an $80 Amazon gift card. To enter to win the gift card, simply subscribe to our Muses Blog (see Follow button on the right sidebar). All subscribers between today and October 24th will be entered. However, if you want a greater chance of winning the gift card, you can visit each author’s website and enter their contest for their own individual giveaways. So subscribing to the Muses blog gives you one entry to win the Amazon gift card, but, for example, entering Jennifer Windrow and Shanyn Hosier’s individual giveaways gives you three entries to win the gift card in addition to a chance to win that author’s individual giveaway and so on. We will announce the winners on this blog on October 29, and each author will announce her own individual winner as well.

Below are links to our Carnival Author blogs with details on their giveaways!


Next up on the hop is…

Maria Cox


Have a great October and good luck!